Dropbox rules, amazing tool for file sharing

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Well, at first, sorry for no updates in a long time. But don’t worry, we are progressing nicely with Gride Worlds. I have almost fully functional first level demo on my iPhone. And it looks amazing!

We have recently began using Dropbox in sharing our files. Marko throws new sounds and graphics there and I am having the whole source code there. This is really amazing bacause:

- We no longer need to send email attachments to each other or files via MSN and try to guess which files are the newest versions - We both have always the newest files in a shared directory
- We have full version history and I can, for example, restore yesterday files if I did something stupid
- My Dropbox client immediately throws me a notification when Marko adds new stuff to our shared folder, and files are downloaded about the same time on my computer
- I can check out Markos newest contributions with my iPhone Dropbox client where ever I am

For developers, for anyone, I truly recommend getting yourself a Dropbox account. It’s not only for sharing files, it’s also a secure location to save your files and have them available on any of your computers (and others too via Web client). Clients are available for Windows, Linux, Mac and iPhone. And had you something else, there is a web UI as well.

I highly recommend you to get free 2GB account. Get it through this referral link to get additional 256MB (and I get additional 256 too for referring).


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