Exposing ooPixel’s next project

Released in Nov. 13 2009 3 comments

It’s not long since we released Samegame Gravitized for iPhone, but we have already started planning and even implementing our next project! And unlike ever before, I am going to tell you what it is.

We are again going to create an iPhone game - don’t worry, we have not changed permanently from Flash to iPhone, most likely our next game will be Flash again. This project might eventually be ported to Flash as well. We are going to create a game that has been the most requested game from us. It is Gride. I mean, a sequel to Gride. We call it “Gride Worlds” - it’s work name but may as well be the final name for it - I kind of like it.

But it will have a lot changed from Flash Gride. Some keywords for the new Gride project are: Physics, Arcade, Worlds, Levels, Secrets, Unlocking, Modes, Story. I am also writing an engine that allows us to draw levels in any SVG program and then include it directly to our game. That’s so cool. Well, I think I revealed enough already. This project is the biggest ooPixel project we have ever done!

About date, I am not giving out any dates just yet. All I am gonna tell is that release will happen during next year :)

Jussi Kari | Jun. 14 2010

Hi, sorry for no updates,

The project is active, it’s just a huge project :)

We will post an update soon. You can also follow my twitter (@jussikari) for more frequent updates.

Jussi Kari

=HH= | Jun. 08 2010

This sounds awesome.  How about an update?  How’s the project going?

Jayisgames | Nov. 13 2009

Yay! Looking forward to this one! :)
Good luck with it. I’m sure it will turn out awesome.

(Yes!! iPhone Gride! Thank you.)

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