Happy Birthday Andrew!

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Happy Birthday Andrew the Droid.

Today we’re celebrating the birthday of Andrew the Droid and as a gift we’ve decided to permanently lower the price of Samegame Gravitized on iTunes!

Andrew was born somewhere out there on 128th of The Great Horn in 20210 and now celebrates his 1st Birthday. Wow!

Jussi Kari | Jun. 06 2010


Price shouldn’t be a problem. Currently we are planning giving it out from the very beginning for the lowest price (0.79 = $0.99).

The game will be worth much more and we could rate it higher - but we don’t want to. We’d like to get our new game to as many iDevices as possible - getting the max revenue is not our ideology as we are creating these games because we like creating them and would like to have as many players as possible!

Aurel300 | Jun. 06 2010

Yes, I do have an iPhone…

Also, do you have any idea how much is it gonna cost?

Jussi Kari | Jun. 01 2010


Andrew says thanks! - and it’s never too late to party with Andrew :)

Gride Worlds is progressing nicely but there’s still months of work - this is easily our largest project we have ever had. But hey, it’ll be worth waiting (at least if you have iPhone/iTouch/iPad).

Sorry for no updates lately on this site. I’ll try to write a blog post about Gride Worlds soon to keep everyone more or less on the map. For more frequent updates, you can follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/jussikari.

Aurel300 | Jun. 01 2010

Happy birthday!
Whoops kinda late for the party.
How is Gride Worlds going?

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