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Released in Sep. 16 2009 0 comments

We are still working on iPhone game project. I have also used my precious working hours to make some new versions of our games to a new sponsor, publishing some of our games on Facebook.

Current status of iPhone project is that Marko should finish rest of the graphics this week and I should be able to push it all together during next week. We will also have a meet next week and confirm everything is as we wish, and then we will have to wait a week or two for Apple to approve our game (or maybe more if there are any problems…). So currently we expect game to be out in the wild within a month or so. I’ll try to throw out a new status report next week after our meet.

After the game is published, marketing the game might eat some time plus I may need to be working with possible bug fixes. But other than that, then we are ready for new challenges. And new challenges are pretty much decided until the end of this year already. A Brand new Flash game is coming again. And it will be totally awesome. As always :)

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