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Released in Jul. 23 2010 2 comments

Sorry I haven’t informed you more about our progress. If you are interested in more frequent updates, please follow me on Twitter.

Summer has been hot here in Finland and it has definitely slowed our development a little. But no need to worry, we are still constantly progressing - I just got a set of new graphics the day before yesterday from Marko and hunted myself some memory leaks yesterday. This is easily our most ambitious project and it’ll take time. And it’ll be worth all the time.

Currently we have all the first world main levels designed and most are utilized as well. All the menu graphics and such are almost complete, also the actual gameplay components for the first world and some for the second world are written. I guess the biggest thing now is to design and draw tens of levels in different world themes. Of course there are lots of other things to do, like tweaking game play, polishing menu, improving performance and such.

But hey, here are two screenshots to keep you interested :)



fashionjewelleryfindings | Oct. 09 2010

I like the post!

Aurel300 | Aug. 03 2010

Hm… So the gameplay is changed? Or are these very manual controls just for debug?

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