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Select your upgrades timely and be the king of the hill.

Drive your car up the hill by using three upgrades - one at a time. Can you get further than anyone? Compete against high scores.

Use one of three keyboard layouts to play (arrow keys OR z,x,c,v OR 1,2,3,4).

Oscar | Nov. 08 2010

This game can glitch like when you come nose down at the ground you go through it

Oscar | Sep. 15 2010

This game is so awsome i got a score of 149,862 but then i pressed r by mistake and i got so angry!

George | Sep. 03 2010

Cool video game.

alex | Jun. 13 2010

its a good game, but its hard and takes time :D
pro game

Jussi Kari | Jan. 04 2010

Works fine for me :)

I think it requires at least Flash Player 8. Make sure you have it (right click on game).

And what do you mean it doesn’t work. It doesn’t load at all? What do you see when it doesn’t work.

Nobody | Jan. 02 2010

this game dosen’t work -_-”

smelly mic smells | Nov. 29 2009

bad game

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