Samegame Charged

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Enjoy your Samegame with a new electrifying twist!

In this electrified twist of samegame levels keeps filled all the time. Each time you remove 100 blocks, you complete a level and a new colour is introduced. You will also get a new bomb item.

Mouse only. Click groups of three or more blocks to remove them.

Kali | Jun. 23 2011

What happened to the high score list?  I can’t post scores or see scores anymore.

Gerry | Jun. 19 2011

Is there a time limit for each level?

Joy | Mar. 03 2011

Hey, please help me out here!  Neither can I (like others) get more than 30,000 points!  Oh, com’ on!!  :)

George | Feb. 17 2011

It’s the first time that I hear about this game where each time you remove 100 blocks, you complete a level. I hope to try it after electrifying some burgers (I’m mean grilling of course) on those nice cast iron grill pans that you can find in almost any kitchen shop that respects itself. The information that I find on this website is invaluable in my opinion.

Ice_B | Feb. 13 2011

level 8’s color is a dark pink past that idk.

JIMMY | Feb. 12 2011

Anyone ever made it past level 7?? If so, please let me know what colors are new to the higher levels in the following table:

Level Color introduced
1     orange, red, green, cyan
2     yellow
3     pink
4     brown
5     violet
6     blue
7     light yellow
8 9

Julissa S. | Feb. 11 2011

These looks like an even bigger brain teaser than the game I attempted to play before. I can only imagine the number of people avoiding their jobs and homework to de-stress with a game like this. Ha ha!

Is this only a flash game or can we download it for the iPhone or for an android phone? I wouldn’t mind trying that game out for my phone. :)

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Alyssa | Feb. 09 2011

So addicting… I love this stuff!
Alyssa @ losing pregnancy weight

Ice_B | May. 03 2010

What’s the secret strategy? I can’t get over 30000 pts.  and that’s a rare good game.  Could use a little help!!!!

Jussi Kari | Apr. 20 2010


This has been taken into account in our Samegame Gravitized for iPhone/iPod Touch. We are currently not planning on updating this game however - we are focusing on a brand new game…

BRG | Apr. 20 2010

This game is addicting and more people could enjoy it if there was an option for colorblindness!

ghlob | Apr. 13 2010

kan noen hjelpe meg ? Får ikke mer enn 25000 poeng,HVA GJØR JEG FEIL?

an tim | Apr. 05 2010

i liker game

the benz | Mar. 20 2010

14,543 is a nice first-try score… maybe 200th on the charts?

Viktoria | Jan. 08 2010

Can anyone tell me how to play this game so I can get more that 20.000p?

Thanks for your help!

Amber Bradford | Dec. 09 2009

I like this game but the red and the orange are verry similler.
I like the hexigan game the most it is awsome LOL LOL

spurious | Aug. 16 2009

The red and orange are too similar.  The same problem in the Hex SameGame.

A background pattern difference or a number in the center would help if you need to keep your colors.

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