Timed Climb

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Jumping game with experimental hiscore system. Try to conquer the highest platforms.

Try to climb as high as possible in this one key only game. When you reach a new unconquered platform you can add your name on it. Conquered platforms stay conquered for one week and after that they can be conquered again.

Press space down to start loading a jump. Release to jump. The longer you load the jump the higher you will jump.

jimmy | Jun. 19 2011

It seems that it after it loads, the game starts and I get a “Well Done!” pop up with the ability to enter my name and a submit/cancel. Submit doesn’t seem to submit and cancel starts the whole process over. Using XP Pro with adobe flash player 9.

SLO | Aug. 27 2009

Jussi -

I know this is very low on your list of priorities, but I agree with Pelle (who is often my nemesis in this game) about missing the “most platforms” and “top three platforms”.  Getting on or maintaining my place on those lists was really the main reason I kept coming back to Timed Climb.

Oh well, back to Escaping (or not) the Big Red Sun.

Brandon | Aug. 22 2009

Hey Jussi, just a suggestion for the scoring. If you made it so the platforms don’t lose their flag automatically over time but only if someone else lands on them within the day do they lose a day count, OR they only start losing count after someone else has reached the same platform. That way as people get better and head higher they can see if anyone has ever been that far before.

Brandon - Asteroids, Timed Climb and ETRG addict

Jussi Kari | Aug. 19 2009

Hmm, yeah, you are right, I must think about it. Basically we are using a single template for all the games and that does not allow such game-specific thing to exists.

I’ll think about it and will do something if I get an idea on how to fix this…

Pelle N | Aug. 19 2009

I miss the list of the players with the top 3 platforms and the top 3 players with the most platforms.

saaaalu | Aug. 11 2009

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Jussi Kari | Jul. 24 2009

Terribly sorry. The game was unable to find high score scripts due to our recent web site upgrade. Sorry for letting this happen - my bad. Platforms are there now however - to be conquered again ;-)

slo | Jul. 24 2009

Something is up with Timed Climb on the new site.  When I attempt to start the game, I get a Flash error message and have to abort the script.  Please get it back up and running, there are platforms to be claimed! ;-)

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